Rebecca Hardaker ’Familia’


  • Image of Rebecca Hardaker ’Familia’
  • Image of Rebecca Hardaker ’Familia’

Structured grids ghostly imprinted, inky marks dance across the canvas. Abstract and translucent colours, Rebecca creates to the rhythm of her mind and is a true draftswoman.

Rebecca Hardaker is a contemporary artist based in London. She works predominantly on canvas or paper, playing with the interaction between pen, acrylic and watercolour; believing in qualities such as balance, rhythm and composition. The colours in her paintings are reflective of a mood or memory in the artist’s life. She builds the painting layering pen, watercolour or acrylic, adding new colours as her mood changes or the memory develops, revealing new complexities.

Medium: Acrylic and ink on canvas
Size unframed: 100 x 90cm / 39.4 / 35.4
Provenance: London
Date: 2020